Saturday, October 08, 2005

Design for Survival excerpt #3: Versailles

I am reminded of the time after World War I when the victorious allies unsuccessfully sought to enforce the stipulations of the Versailles Trearty which were to prevent Germany from rearming. The story is told of the German laborer in a former munitions plant whuch had been converted to the manufacture of baby buggies. As his wife was expecting a child, he proceeded to smuggle out part afer part, one each day, until he thought he had everything he needed to put together a baby buggy in his basement. When his wife asked him how he was coming along, he scratched his head. "I don't understnd what is wrong," he said. "No matter how I put those darn parts together, all I get is a machine gun." - General Thomas S. Power Design for Survival page 57

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Problems with Problems With The Orion Spacecraft #7 - Militarily

Militarily not great. -POS


"Whoever controls Orion will control the world" - General Thomas Power of Strategic Air Command


We have a simulator scenario ready to run, N-1 with TSAR Bomba against the 12 meter Deep Space Bombardment boomers on patrol. Try your luck.

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JFK, LeMay, and Power at the center of the Solar System

Friday, October 07, 2005

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With JFK and LeMay at SAC


Design for Survival:Excerpt 1

Design for Survival:Excerpt 2

Design for Survival:Excerpt 3

Design for Survival:Excerpt 4

Design for Survival:Excerpt 5 Tactics

Design for Survival:Excerpt 6 SAC Budget

Design for Survival:Excerpt 7 Possiblity



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The Mission of SAC 1961 DVD

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bellingham, WA Michael launched as in Footfall effects

Here's the first pulse, mapped

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Problems with Problems With The Orion Spacecraft #6 -Air force refused

"...Air Force was approached, it repeatedly refused to fund Orion..." - POS

"we decided ... to stick with the Air Force" - Freeman Dyson - Project Orion page 199

"Air force physicists in Alberquerque were enthusiastic supporters from the beginning and stayed with Orion till the end.

-Project Orion page 198

We'll sneak 6b in here: Stong Dogs

How many eyes must a typo defile before the author becomes a man?
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U.N celebrates victory over America

World space week is here.

Ending with "Oct. 10, when the assembly adopted the Outer Space Treaty of 1967"

Closing the Frontier.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Problems with Problems With The Orion Spacecraft #5 - Landing

Since the vehicle could not land using the pulse drive
One of the problems with the Orion propulsion system is that it cannot land. Once launched, it can come no closer than orbit to any planet.
landers ...have to be able to escape planetary gravity wells under their own chemical power
Since the ship cannot land
since it can't land once it has taken off.
(Orion cannot land)

Can land

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Design for Survival excerpt #2

"The aggressor can strike with little or no warning at all and, conceivably, exact such a heavy toll as to gain a decisive victory in his inital attack. the Soviets are acutely aware of these advantages;..."

Thomas S. Power's Design for Survival Page 36

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Index to Problems with POS

Links to posts detaling a few Problems with Problems with the Orion Spacecraft (POS)
1 2 3 4
5 - Landing
6 -Air force refused
7- Militarily
8- Education
9- Stress

Thread p1
Inactive, Vladimir Kosygin and Gedca have fled.
Thread p3 Raymond Speer made one comment and gave up his defense of this error.

Thread p6
Thread quickly drifted off topic, only one technical post. "higher levels of the USAF" concept leads to questions. Who exactly was the opposition? Did they have any connection to the Air Force?

Thred p9
Off to a very good start, requires additional posts with heavy technical content.
1: Actual graph of child's swing accelerations.
2: Battleship accleration graphs.
3: DSBF(2) design variations, eliminate springs or gas bags, resulting accelerations.
4: Create accleration graphs for Ulam's patent.
5: Compare to earth quake accelerations.
6: Caculate recoil acceleration from pulse unit launcher, not obvious in any actual Orion documentation.

Problems with Problems With The Orion Spacecraft #4

"Antimatter Catalyzed fusion is an efficient, in-space propulsion technology scalable from tiny probes to massive spacecraft, that is actually fairly safe and clean.

"Antimatter Catalyzed Micro Fission/Fusion

is really a type of Orion drive, with a smaller explosion.

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