Saturday, February 09, 2008

U.S. Plans A- Bomb as a Space Engine; U.S. Plans to Test Atom Space Drive

John A Osmundsen
August 16, 1959, Sunday
Page 1! New York Times

American scientists plan to use and atomic bomb for the first time to test the feasibility of powering space ships as big as ocean liners with controlled nuclear explosions.

The plans have evolved from pilot studies of so-called "nuclear pulse" rocket propulsion. Specialists familiar with this project have told The New York Times that recent developments in this field have been extremely encouraging."

Whether the first test involving the use of an atomic device will be made as planned rests on the outcome of the nuclear test-ban talks in Geneva.

The Defense Department has already stated that it will be ready to resume nuclear tests after Ot. 31 of no agreement has been reached by that time.

On the basis of new developments...

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