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Motive: #6 An Atomic Armed Nation; surrounded

From the Economist via Bad Hair via LGF

Q & A Colonist's I.Q. Quiz

Moon Miners' Manifesto

#24 April 1989

Section the Artemis Data Book
Q & A Colonist's I.Q. Quiz

An interesting example, we are working on a Project Orion quiz, with digital certificates for high performers. This would allow creation of a Deep Space Bombardment Force Version 2 design forum. Each member would have the prerequisites needed to understand the design details. In public forums, so far, two groups have trouble; those who cannot grasp the orginal designs and those who will not without more incentive.

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Another Quiz found at Sector 4 Command

Friday, November 11, 2005

The Bombshell the Missile and the Bomber

An exciting day at Vandenberg and Palm Springs

March 24, 1962: JFK visited Vandeburg AFB and Bing Crosby's Estate
He saw an important missile launch

a starlet

and the an huge wooden model of the largest bomber ever designed the 4,000 ton B-?? of the Deep Space Bombardment Force.

3/23/62 - 3/26/62, JFK's Trip to Alameda, Vandenberg, Palm Springs, California

* 1962 Mar 24 0:39 - Demonstration and shakedown operations launch Atlas D. Atlas D 134D Apogee: 1,800 km. President John F. Kennedy visited Vandenberg AFB and witnessed the launch of Atlas 134D.

JFK Macnamara and Power at Vandenburg

picture source

Celebrity-In-Chief: How Show Business Took Over the White House
March 24 1962 Overnight Crosby's house

The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis
Modus Vivendi Kruschev

Airpower: Theory and Practice
B-70 Debate

M Monroe California Desert Crosby House

The Other Missiles of October: Eisenhower, Kennedy, and the Jupiters, 1957-1963

Soviet Strategic Arms Policy Before Salt
Space Cooperation offer March 1962

SAC wanted 10,000 minutemen missiles.

The Sky People: Sample Chapters

S.M. Stirling's
The Lord of Creation Book 1

as seen at Curmudgeons Corner

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jon is in; for $100,000

In one of the largest sales yet of property in an online game, a Miami resident has bought a virtual space station for $100,000 and wants to turn it into a cross between Jurassic Park and a disco. - USA Today

What will his profit margin be?

Image from MIT

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sagan on Orion - from Cosmos

Cosmos -Book-DVD- "The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be..."

Click here to watch 'Sagan-on-Orion'.mov

"Today we have preliminary designs of ships which will take people to the stars.
They are constructed in Earth orbit and from there they venture on their great interstellar journeys.

One of them is called Project Orion, it utilizes nuclear weapons, hydogen bombs, against an inertial plate. Each explosion providing a kind of put-put. A vast nuclear motor boat in space.

Orion seems entirely practical and was under serious development in the United States until the signing of the international treaty forbidding nuclear weapons explosions in space.

Personally Orion is the best use of nuclear weapons I can think of, provided the ships don't depart from very near the Earth."


Sagan's nuke the moon work : Project A 119 "ISBM"

"The Soviet project was called E-4 and was to detonate an atom bomb on the visible hemisphere to provide a dramatic visual confirmation of the impact and to perform a remote chemical analysis of the soil vaporized in the explosion."

Today is Carl Sagan's birthday Novemeber 9th

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Odd and Sad

This reality show trains Canadians to fly a class of airplanes they don't have, at all. Could we sell a reality show about how to fly DSBF ships?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Reviews of Project Orion

Revisiting Project Orion by Sam Dinkin dicussed on Free Republic

Microsoft Ebook

Chris Winter


SF Crowsnest

Sector 4

You sold my dead bird to a blind kid?

Alternate View in Analog

"Though the project may have died as Freeman Dyson detailed in his piece, the idea survives, and the concept has perhaps more power now than ever to capture the imagination and hold it. And my children, should their imaginations demand it, won’t have the trouble I had in learning about Orion. For in a fit piece of historical irony, George Dyson, son of Freeman and the “canoe” portion of Brower’s book, has written the definitive (unclassified) account of Project Orion."

Are we having fun yet?

Gag Me With a Fork

Shut the Smurf Up

Slim Jim

World Forgot

Fat Kid

Stalking much?

school stuff

Partial Test Ban Treaty



The Governments of the United States of America, the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Union of Soviet Socialist
Republics, hereinafter referred to as the "Original Parties",

Proclaiming as their principal aim the speediest possible achievement of
an agreement on general and complete disarmament under strict
international control in accordance with the objectives of the United
Nations which would put an end to the armaments race and eliminate the
incentive to the production and testing of all kinds of weapons,
including nuclear weapons,

Seeking to achieve the discontinuance of all test explosions of nuclear
weapons for all time, determined to continue negotiations to this end,
and desiring to put an end to the contamination of man's environment by
radioactive substances,

Have agreed as follows:

Article I

1. Each of the Parties to this Treaty undertakes to prohibit, to prevent,
and not to carry out any nuclear weapon test explosion, or any other
nuclear explosion, at any place under its jurisdiction or control:

(a) in the atmosphere; beyond its limits, including outer space; or
under water, including territorial waters or high seas; or

(b) in any other environment if such explosion causes radioactive
debris to be present outside the territorial limits of the State under
whose jurisdiction or control such explosion is conducted. It is
understood in this connection that the provisions of this subparagraph
are without prejudice to the conclusion of a treaty resulting in the
permanent banning of all nuclear test explosions, including all such
explosions underground, the conclusion of which, as the Parties have
stated in the Preamble to this Treaty, they seek to achieve.

2. Each of the Parties to this Treaty undertakes furthermore to refrain
from causing, encouraging, or in any way participating in, the carrying
out of any nuclear weapon test explosion, or any other nuclear explosion,
anywhere which would take place in any of the environments described, or
have the effect referred to, in paragraph 1 of this Article.

Article II

1. Any Party may propose amendments to this Treaty. The text of any
proposed amendment shall be submitted to the Depositary Governments which
shall circulate it to all Parties to this Treaty. Thereafter, if
requested to do so by one-third or more of the Parties, the Depositary
Governments shall convene a conference, to which they shall invite all
the Parties, to consider such amendment.

2. Any amendment to this Treaty must be approved by a majority of the
votes of all the Parties to this Treaty, including the votes of all of
the Original Parties. The amendment shall enter into force for all
Parties upon the deposit of instruments of ratification by a majority of
all the Parties, including the instruments of ratification of all of the
Original Parties.

Article III

1. This Treaty shall be open to all States for signature. Any State which
does not sign this Treaty before its entry into force in accordance with
paragraph 3 of this Article may accede to it at any time.

2. This Treaty shall be subject to ratification by signatory States.
Instruments of ratification and instruments of accession shall be
deposited with the Governments of the Original Parties--the United States
of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and
the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics--which are hereby designated the
Depositary Governments.

3. This Treaty shall enter into force after its ratification by all the
Original Parties and the deposit of their instruments of ratification.

4. For States whose instruments of ratification or accession are
deposited subsequent to the entry into force of this Treaty, it shall
enter into force on the date of the deposit of their instruments of
ratification or accession.

5. The Depositary Governments shall promptly inform all signatory and
acceding States of the date of each signature, the date of deposit of
each instrument of ratification of and accession to this Treaty, the date
of its entry into force, and the date of receipt of any requests for
conferences or other notices.

6. This Treaty shall be registered by the Depositary Governments pursuant
to Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations.

Article IV

This Treaty shall be of unlimited duration.

Each Party shall in exercising its national sovereignty have the right to
withdraw from the Treaty if it decides that extraordinary events, related
to the subject matter of this Treaty, have jeopardized the supreme
interests of its country. It shall give notice of such withdrawal to all
other Parties to the Treaty three months in advance.

Article V

This Treaty, of which the English and Russian texts are equally
authentic, shall be deposited in the archives of the Depositary
Governments. Duly certified copies of this Treaty shall be transmitted by
the Depositary Governments to the Governments of the signatory and
acceding States.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, duly authorized, have signed this

DONE in triplicate at the city of Moscow the fifth day of August, one
thousand nine hundred and sixty-three.

Motive #5

Mayor of Noisy le Grand, speaking on France Culture radio yesterday morning claimed that in his city women were dragged from their cars by their hair and, for all intense and purposes, stoned by rampaging youths (il a employé le terme "quasi lapidées" en fwançais). He also reported that molotov cocktails were thrown into people's homes. He then asked the Army to intervene.

Via No Pasaran

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Take a Shot


Motive #4

Destruction and Dhimmitude.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Motive #3

"The lunatic is in the hall
The lunatics are in my hall
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
And every day the paper boy brings more"
Pink Floyd

" "This is too much, stop!" sobbed a woman in Evreux, a normally quiet town in rural Normandy where a shopping mall, 50 vehicles, a post office and two schools were destroyed." - An unarmed French lady.

"Under strict orders from Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, the police have not fired a single shot since the riots began, Hamon said. Rioters reportedly fired on police about half a dozen times." - The unarmed police cannot protect themselves.


"This is the first photograph taken by a microsatellite of another object in space that has ever been released to the general public."
From PopSci

Via Ghost of a Flea

JFK and the Sharing of the New Frontier:December 20 1961

U.N.Resolution 1721
RES 1721 (XVI)
adopted without vote
(a) International law, including the Chapter of the United Nations, applies to outer space and celestial bodies;

(b) Outer space and celestial bodies are free for exploration and use by all States in conformity with international law and are not subject to national appropriation;

Compare to Outer Space Treaty
"...Outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty,.."

Address Before the 18th General Assembly of the United Nations
President John F. Kennedy
New York
September 20, 1963

Space offers no problems of sovereignty; by resolution of this Assembly, the members of the United Nations have foresworn any claim to territorial rights in outer space or on celestial bodies, and declared that international law and the United Nations Charter will apply.



Question No. 3. Are you satisfied with America's progress in the exploration of space?
Question No. 4. The present administration's policy limits the military mission in space to near earth orbits. Do you feel there is a need, or do you foresee a need, for military missions in outer space? If so, should a large military booster be built?


RES 1802 (XVII)
adopted without vote !

Wishing to avoid the extension of present national rivalries into this new field,
adopted without vote

"Believing that the exploration and use of outer space should be only for the betterment of mankind and to the benefit of States irrespective of the stage of their economic or scientific development,...:


Space U.N. at google print.

"res nullius"

Idiots guide to 20th century history