Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sagan on Orion - from Cosmos

Cosmos -Book-DVD- "The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be..."

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"Today we have preliminary designs of ships which will take people to the stars.
They are constructed in Earth orbit and from there they venture on their great interstellar journeys.

One of them is called Project Orion, it utilizes nuclear weapons, hydogen bombs, against an inertial plate. Each explosion providing a kind of put-put. A vast nuclear motor boat in space.

Orion seems entirely practical and was under serious development in the United States until the signing of the international treaty forbidding nuclear weapons explosions in space.

Personally Orion is the best use of nuclear weapons I can think of, provided the ships don't depart from very near the Earth."


Sagan's nuke the moon work : Project A 119 "ISBM"

"The Soviet project was called E-4 and was to detonate an atom bomb on the visible hemisphere to provide a dramatic visual confirmation of the impact and to perform a remote chemical analysis of the soil vaporized in the explosion."

Today is Carl Sagan's birthday Novemeber 9th

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