Sunday, October 02, 2005

Index to Problems with POS

Links to posts detaling a few Problems with Problems with the Orion Spacecraft (POS)
1 2 3 4
5 - Landing
6 -Air force refused
7- Militarily
8- Education
9- Stress

Thread p1
Inactive, Vladimir Kosygin and Gedca have fled.
Thread p3 Raymond Speer made one comment and gave up his defense of this error.

Thread p6
Thread quickly drifted off topic, only one technical post. "higher levels of the USAF" concept leads to questions. Who exactly was the opposition? Did they have any connection to the Air Force?

Thred p9
Off to a very good start, requires additional posts with heavy technical content.
1: Actual graph of child's swing accelerations.
2: Battleship accleration graphs.
3: DSBF(2) design variations, eliminate springs or gas bags, resulting accelerations.
4: Create accleration graphs for Ulam's patent.
5: Compare to earth quake accelerations.
6: Caculate recoil acceleration from pulse unit launcher, not obvious in any actual Orion documentation.


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