Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Problems with Problems With The Orion Spacecraft #1

A famous essay claims there are problems with the Orion craft in AH, but it is full of errors. Too many to list in one post, the ignorance of History will be our start.

"With no nuclear pulse program of its own..."
"The USSR does not seem to have had an Orion project of its own."-POS

"I went on to describe (to Khrushchev) some of my department's more exotic
projects, such as the use of nuclear explosions to power spacecraft
and other "science fiction" schemes."
Sakharov Memoirs ISBN#0394537408 pg 215

The most famous Soviet scientist, in his most famous book, available since 1990, in every podunk library you might stumble into.

"...historically Orion was a minor and classified US project and it is unlikely that anyone else knew or cared about it before it was declassified. " - POS
267:"Vladimir Shmelev... monitored what the Orion group was up to..."
Project Orion ISBN#0805059857 pg 266

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