Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Problems with Problems With The Orion Spacecraft #8, Design for Survival Extract #4

... The necessary research ... obstacle(s), since nobody else had as ... many scientists(as the US)". - POS
Fact:"Vast new research and devlopment centers were created in record time, supplemented by swiftly expanding industrial facilities for the production of advanced military materiel. To esure a continuous and adequate supply of scientists and engineers, the Soviets initiated what soon became the most elaborate and productive educational program of its kind in the world.

Because of this unparalleled program, the quantity and quality of college graduates in Russia, especially in the engineering and related sciences, increased steadily, in contrast to those in most coutries in th Free World. Large numbers of Russian youth were induced to choose engineering or allied careers through "selective compulsion" if necessary, but mailnly through early indoctrination and appealing incentives, such as liberal stipends, awards and bonuses, and the prospect of professional prestige and social position.

In addition, the Soviets established and advanced educational system for improving the technical qualifications of their military personnel. The scope and thouroughness of this system were impressed on me when I inspected the famous Zhukovski Ait Engineering Academy in Moscow during my trip to Russia in 1956. We learned that this academy has some 2,500 students- all Air Force officers, ranking from lieutenant to major - who underwent a five year course of considerable bredth and depth".

-Thomas S. Power's Design for Survival page 48

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Wait a minute! www.alternatehistory.com, 8b how many scientists would a victorious German Empire have?
8b Victorious Japanese Empire
8c Unified British Empire (with India and America)
8c Victorious Napoleonic Empire
8d Unified Europe
8e Modernized Ottoman Empire


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