Saturday, October 08, 2005

Design for Survival excerpt #3: Versailles

I am reminded of the time after World War I when the victorious allies unsuccessfully sought to enforce the stipulations of the Versailles Trearty which were to prevent Germany from rearming. The story is told of the German laborer in a former munitions plant whuch had been converted to the manufacture of baby buggies. As his wife was expecting a child, he proceeded to smuggle out part afer part, one each day, until he thought he had everything he needed to put together a baby buggy in his basement. When his wife asked him how he was coming along, he scratched his head. "I don't understnd what is wrong," he said. "No matter how I put those darn parts together, all I get is a machine gun." - General Thomas S. Power Design for Survival page 57

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