Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Reviews of Project Orion

Revisiting Project Orion by Sam Dinkin dicussed on Free Republic

Microsoft Ebook

Chris Winter


SF Crowsnest

Sector 4

You sold my dead bird to a blind kid?

Alternate View in Analog

"Though the project may have died as Freeman Dyson detailed in his piece, the idea survives, and the concept has perhaps more power now than ever to capture the imagination and hold it. And my children, should their imaginations demand it, won’t have the trouble I had in learning about Orion. For in a fit piece of historical irony, George Dyson, son of Freeman and the “canoe” portion of Brower’s book, has written the definitive (unclassified) account of Project Orion."

Are we having fun yet?

Gag Me With a Fork

Shut the Smurf Up

Slim Jim

World Forgot

Fat Kid

Stalking much?

school stuff


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