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Academician Saxarov the regime of the secrecy - Lost Orionski drawings!

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Academician Saxarov the regime of the secrecy

This history, in its time which made ready in KB -11mnogo to noise, since it was connected with academician Saxarov's name, was described in the book of the former officer OF THE KGB F.D.Popova. However, since Fedor dmitriyevich wrote the book, in essence relying on its memory and some recollections then even more living participants in the events, in the book were allowed some inaccuracies. Thus, academician Kurchatov on the council be it could not, since it died during February 1960. Fedor dmitriyevich allowed also some inaccuracies in writing of the posts of participants and their surnames, but the essence of incident described correctly, since itself participated in the investigation.

In the division of the funds for the scientific and technical documentation Of rfyats-vniief it was not preserved the documents, which describe this event: order about the punishment of the guilties was destroyed is even at the end of the 60th annual. But in 2003 for the author it was possible to find decision Kremlin GK of CPSU - Communist Party of the Soviet Union of 28 May, 1960, in which is in detail described this incident. And now it is possible with the high portion of authenticity to describe this event. So that however, did occur during May 1960?

In the middle of 1959 in academician a.D.Sakharova arose the idea of the creation of flying device for the realization of distant space flights with the engine installation, which uses explosive energy of nuclear charges. Device then was called "explosive-years". The draft study of this idea was charged to the designers of sector 5. In particular, it became to be occupied the deputy division head of sector 5 Yevgeny Georgiyevich Of malykhin. Work was carried out several months.

And here on 18 May, 1960, was assigned the session NTS-Y, at which academician Saxarov had to give the communication about the motion of developing the "explosive-years" according to the drawings, executed in sector 5. Before the session NTS drawings in the containers from the sector into fizgorodok, where had to take place NTS, it brought i.o. of the chief of the secret division of the sector of 5 A.N.Sukhovershin.....

But on 21 May, 1960, broke out the scandal: the engineer of the sector of 2 cottage loaves, who opened conference hall for conducting the current conference, revealed after the blind on the window-sill drawing with the heading of "special importance", it carried it into the secret division and transmitted Ya.I.Glazunovu.
It seemed me that the prospect for the criminal complaint and examination connected with it acted on Saxarov depressingly. It searchingly looked a certain time at me, accurately desiring according to my face to determine, truth I speak, and then he solidly said that entire responsibility for that happening the beret for itself hopes that the organs of state security will fence the colleagues of special section from the troubles threatening to them ". (F.D.Popov, "arzamas-y'.Sem' of years with Andrey Saxarov", Murmansk, 1992).

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