Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Coal tolerated

6,000 Tons of Uranium released by coal burning plants per year


6.77 x 10 -7 Curies per gram

= 4,062 Curies per year, accumulating and emitting strongly for millions of years.


Anonymous Harley said...

oh I'm gonna love using this data....

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Jayson said...

This is remarkable! I mean, remarkable!--learn something new every day, don't we?

I find it hard to believe that no business has tried to capitalize on this!(When was this thing published?)

Imagine--not just nuclear materials, but other important minerals too:

...coal ash is rich in minerals, including large quantities of aluminum and iron. These and other products of commercial value have not been exploited.

The question is, why? Or is this claim already dated?

Technologies exist to remove, store, and generate energy from the radioactive isotopes released to the environment by coal combustion.

Question--I'm sorry to admit that I know nothing about engineering matters (or related/similar matters), and no details are given of the "known technolgies" that can recycle coal waste. Is it conceivable that, say, energy from recovered radioactive materials could power also power-up the tech/tools for recovering/recycling the non-nuclear valuable minerals?

The author also talked about trapping greenhouse emmisions;by any chance, have either you (Norden) or Mr. Gabbard heard of MIT Professor Moshe Alamaro?

Check out the following:

"Large-Scale Greenhouses Attached to Power Plants for the Productive Use of Waste Heat and CO2"

""Power plant" takes on a new meaning"
--Waste heat from a 100-MW electric plant could, in theory, warm 100 acres of greenhouses.

Is possible to combine the implications of Mr. Gabbard with Alamaro's idea? (Well, just a thought...)

9:33 PM  

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